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Tom Keene - Pennsylvania

I started my career with Air Photo on the morning of 9/11.  That day changed the world but also sent me on a new adventure of selling aerial photographs to people that had no idea something truly unique and beautiful was about to arrive at their door.  I decided that to be successful I had to (1) make it fun and (2) keep on moving, and (3) don’t take rejection personally.  After almost ten years now, I can say this has been the most fun job I’ve ever had, and it has been great to be able to set my own schedule and have a different experience every day.  If you’re thinking of joining our team, do so with an open mind and be prepared for a fun adventure.


Bill Lewis - Maryland

I’m 77 years young and have been with Air Photo for over 10 years.  Air Photo has given me the opportunity to set my own hours and make money while meeting great customers!   As an Independent Contractor Air Photo supplies the product, paperwork and supplies I need to make a profit.  It can’t get any better than this.  Air Photo owns the building, equipment, pays the rent, manufactures the product, covers all expenses including producing the product and lets me make a profit without any investment other than my automobile and time.   

To be successful you need to be self motivated with a desire to make money.  I have worked in Sales, Manufacturing and Management but Air Photo will train you and give you the tools to be successful regardless of your background. 

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